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Following this short and precise tailor made process, buyers can place orders and receive all information regarding products, production, packaging, inspection and freight handling. We require 24-48 hours to confirm orders. Here are 4 simple steps to place an order


Get in touch with us through our official email or call us on our phone number listed below.


Provide us with a detailed Letter of Intent which carries complete details of your required product, specifications, quantity, packaging desire, destination port and frequency of orders. Using these details, our sales team will study your request


Our sales management will provide you with a quote detailing our best price which includes freight to your port of destination and inspection of products at the port of loading by SGS. Each quote is tailor made with information containing packaging, certifications of quality, origin and health to facilitate your custom clearing at the destination port.


A sales contract drafted by the legal team of Potlaki Group will be sent to the buyer for review, containing all details of product, terms of sales and clauses for protection of buyer and seller. Making it a win-win contract. Order will be processed, product will be packaged, inspected, loaded and shipped within agree delivery time.

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